Generate more Leads, Drive more Sales, Measure ROI

Most companies spend thousands of pounds on website development, lead generation activities such as email marketing and PPC and sales salaries. To make this expenditure work harder it’s vital to identify every lead generated by your online marketing activity and convert each one into sales at the highest rates possible. Lokomotive’s marketing automation platform, SharpSpring, drives more qualified leads and collects valuable sales intelligence to improve closing rates.

How does it work?

By optimising each phase of your online marketing funnel. At the top, you will capture more leads from your website with VistorID and dynamic website forms. In the middle, tracking the online behaviour of prospects, lead scoring and sales notifications will enable sales teams to close more deals. At the bottom campaigns are analysed to eliminate waste and identify successful tactics – allowing you to drive more leads with the same marketing £.



Features include:


Triple the number of leads generated by your website by identifying visitors in the 98% of web traffic that doesn’t fill out a form. These leads can then be reported to all the key contacts in your company.

Dynamic Forms

Capture more leads with dynamic website forms designed to convert.

Lead Tracking

Understand your leads by tracking their behaviour online to create one-on-one communication and build personal relationships. With notifications, email automations and dynamic lists, marketing automation allows you to convert more leads to sales while also shortening the sales cycle.

Lead Scoring

Priortise your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads by measuring the “sales readiness” of leads – those with high lead scores can be automatically passed to your sales team to engage in the sales process. Those with low lead scores can be nurtured with drip campaigns, case studies and other sales tactics until they are sales ready.

Sales Notifications

Email or text sales team when a lead indicates they are ready to buy

CRM Integration

Immediately plug your leads into your sales team’s 3rd party system or use SharpSpring’s own in built CRM.

Campaign Optimisation

A comprehensive set of analytics tools allows you to track email campaigns, PPC campaigns and specific engagements. Also to track every lead that enters a business via UTM codes/ referrer IDs, dedicated landing pages and the “How did you hear about us?” question. Use this knowledge to eliminate what is not working and double down on the tactics that are working – driving more leads back into the top of the funnel and optimising your marketing spend.

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