It’s time to stop the brand babble.

In marketing communications , the key skill used to be the ability to simplify.

To find the unique line of thinking that would persuade and motivate a customer.

So how come many agencies these days seem to complicate matters rather than simplify them?

‘360 degree brand audits’, ‘brand saliency’ ‘permission marketing’, the jargon is as endless as it is mystifying.

Add in all the new technology and channels of communication and no wonder people – clients and consumers – are confused.

At Lokomotive we’re an agency that’s more interested in timeless guiding principles than fads and trends.

Because whilst fads and trends may come and go, some principles never change.

And because at the end of the day it all comes down to agreeing three things:

  • What are we trying to sell?
  • Who are we trying to sell it to?
  • What’s different/better about our product or service than the competitor’s?

And then coming up with the best way of bringing that difference to life.

It’s not easy, but it is that simple.