Great minds…love the big idea


It’s always satisfying when someone else perfectly articulates your own point of view – particularly when that someone is an industry legend. At 83 years old, in a world where we are constantly asked to believe that technology holds all the answers, George Lois thinks ideas are more important than ever. We agree.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions Festival, (and certainly sounding fired up about his subject) here’s some of what George Lois had to say:

“Everybody talks about technology, technology, technology, and I talk creativity, crea-fuckin-tivity, crea-fuckin-tivity,” Lois told the world’s press after his festival appearance on Friday. “You read big articles in Fortune magazine, 25 pages by heads of agencies and you look for the word ‘creativity’. It must be there somewhere. Creativity can solve any problem. It’s amazing when you talk to young people – ‘technology this and this and this’ – Jesus Christ, concentrate on creativity.” By this time he was on a roll. “Figure out how to do great ideas, that’s what it’s all about. Technology – go with the flow. Understand how to create big fucking advertising ideas, that’s the only way you will be great. Someone else can figure out the fucking technology.”

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