Come on in, lets ideate


Those of you that have browsed the Lokomotive web site will know that we’re not big fans of marketing people on either agency or client side using jargon and brand babble when plain English will do. Which is why we took particular issue with a recent online article praising the concept of ‘ideation’. Since when did the process of creating ideas become a verb? (even Wikipedia isn’t sure and to quote “ideation may refer to the process of creating ideas”). The same article then goes on to discuss the wonders of a ‘vetting rubric’ to evaluate ideas. So first you ideate then run through your vetting rubric and bingo!, well you get the picture.

Of course there’s always the suspicion that all this tortured language is just a cover for a lack of a genuine process and/or talent to come up with great ideas. This suspicion was highlighted by a B2B case study from the US  involving a massive email marketing campaign to 88,000 respondents which yielded zero leads, yes that’s right zero (campaign target was 200 appointments). The marketeer involved couldn’t understand it ,the data set was ”great’ the buyer journey was ”perfectly lined up” etc etc. However it was conceded that trying to send a non- technical audience through to a landing page containing dense technical content was probably a bad idea!

Which we think sums up the problem, namely that esoteric processes and obscure jargon can actually get in the way of a great campaign idea that will deliver the desired results. Instead, it has and always will be about finding a differentiating proposition and then bringing it to life in a way that will resonate with the particular target audience in mind. Its that simple if not that easy.

So if you’re in search of  an idea to run through your rubric why not start with this one?